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Seeing as almost all students end up in a predicament and needing help at some point in their careers, some friends and I decided to review essay writing services. Hopefully, this can help students figure out who they are safe to trust, and which services are a scam. We looked into Assignment Masters to see if they were legit.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 48%
Reviews: 51

About Assignment Masters review
This look professional to start with, as there’s a live chat window and toll-free numbers for the US and the UK, so it seems like there’ll be plenty of support. However, it’s kind of suspicious that there are no social media links on their home page, or if there are they’re pretty well hidden. I’m not sure how reliable they’ll be with responses and complaints or requests for a refund if you can’t publicly ask for one on a social network.

How to Order

Ordering is pretty simple, however, while you do so you register for an account, so you can log in later. You enter the details you’d expect like your topic and word count, and deadline, however, you can’t select what kind of grade you want, and I can’t see any guarantees for a 2:1 or a 1st anywhere.


At first glance, this seems pretty expensive, without a discount coupon or promo code a 3000 word paper with a 7-day turnaround cost £197.45. This isn’t the best deal to start with, but then it seems like you have to pay for loads of extras if you want to be sure you’ll get a great paper, for example, if you want a top ten writer, an editor to proofread the work or a summary. I think that all writers should be good, and all papers edited.


There’s literally no information on the qualifications or skill sets of the writers. You don’t know if they’re professional writers, or just qualified in the area that they write about. This is too vague for me to feel confident.


I’d have liked to see an example of their quality, however, there were no samples available or testimonials from previous customers. You have to believe everything they say, as there’s no way of verifying their claims.


I wouldn’t trust a service that I couldn’t verify, and with no samples, no testimonials, and only vague promises of quality and qualified writers, I think it’s best to avoid AssigmentMasters.

Rating: 2.4

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