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There’s a lot of writing services out there that aren’t as legit as they say they are. How can you be certain that they aren’t a scam when you’re looking for a good service? This review has all the information you need to decide whether are for you.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 40%
Reviews: 37

At A Glance review
British Assignment Help say that they’ll create 100% original writing for you, plagiarism free, or your money back as per the refund guarantee. Their assurance is that you’ll be safe ordering with them.

About British Assignments Help

This site orders their services by subject, so you can see what they cover before you order. There’s economics, accountancy, information technology, and law assignments available, amongst others. You can trust their writers to be able to write in your subject. You can get in contact with the service in several ways. You can log in to the site, call them, or email them.

Order Process

There’s a simple form you need to fill in if you want to order from BritishAssignmentHelp. You’ll need to give details of your essay, such as type, referencing style, word count, and topic so they can get started. You’ll also need to give some personal details so they can send your essay back to you on time.


Prices vary, as they do with most writing websites. As an example, though, if you ordered a 2:1 level essay to be delivered in over 6 days time, you’ll be looking at paying £13.99 per page. To get a more accurate price, you’ll need to login and create an account. It’s also worth knowing there’s a current discount deal, where you can get 30% off your order with a promo code. There’s a refund guarantee so you can get your money back if you change your mind.


The site offers a UK based writing team, so you can be assured that writers who support you will be based in the UK themselves, and speak native English. This is important information for many students, as some writing services aren’t based in the UK at all.


If you want to check out the quality of writing from this service before you register and order, then there’s plenty of samples on the site. They all show a good, competent level of writing that students need for their essays.


This is a good service if you’re looking for somewhere based in the UK. However, prices are slightly higher than average, so you may be better off finding a cheaper writing service elsewhere.

Rating: 2.0

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