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British Essay Writers is initially appealing for anyone looking for a paper with British spelling and tailored to the demands of UK universities. As I go to a UK university, I thought I’d try the service and then write a review to help out other students in the future.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 44%
Reviews: 48

About British Essay Writers review
Like most essay writing services, BritishEssayWriters focuses on cost and quality. However, they also place a lot of importance on confidentiality, so you can feel safe that your school won’t discover that you’ve submitted a paper that you haven’t entirely written yourself. You can email, call, or even Skype this service if you have any questions or need any support, though it seems hard to get a response from the business via these channels. This makes it hard to get a refund.

How to Order

It’s really simple to order a paper from this website. You can pick the kind of paper you want, such as an essay, thesis, or literature review, as well as the referencing style, your education level, your subject, and any additional instructions. You also have the freedom to pick the grade you want here, and how many words.


Most essays at university are around 3000 words, so if you want a 2:1 grade in a week, it will cost you £173.88, including the plagiarism report you to pay extra for. Be aware that the higher grade you want the more you pay, and the shorter your deadline, the higher the price. Fortunately, there is a discount coupon available from a current promo when you log in and register for an account, so you can get a good deal. I kind of think that the lower price available indicates a lower standard.


There’s no information published that guarantees the level of education of any of the writers. I can’t see if the writers all have a Master’s degree or PhDs, so you’re kind of hoping that your writer is a qualified native English speaker.

Quality of Papers

There are sample papers available on the website, which was helpful as I could see what kind of work they produce, but I would have liked to see some testimonials and reviews too, to feel really safe to trust the website.


I’d have liked to see a review or two of the website before I ordered my paper, to know that I could trust what they were saying. I don’t think you should have to pay extra for a plagiarism report, as they should be happy to guarantee the essay is original. There was no way to check that this was a legit service and not a scam, and I think the writers are lower quality than those who work for other services.

Rating: 2.2

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