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When looking for some help, students often turn to essay writing services as they can take a huge load off student’s backs. Some of the essay writing services are quite good and they respect students, giving them excellent grades. However, some are not so good and trustworthy. To find out more about, read this review.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 58%
Reviews: 44

About Coursework Square review
The website itself is quite modern and functional, with plenty of the details revealed on the front page which means that it was easy for people to quickly see what they need. They offer a lot of promises for affordable and effective service that can help the students get good grades. There’s also a live chat which can allow people to get information they need.

Order process

Order process for the services and essays from Courseworksquare is simple. You will have to go to the order page and then fill out the form with the details about you and the details about your essay or paper you need. Then you can complete the payment and move on to waiting your essay.


The prices are quite standard for an essay writing service and they can be lower if you get a discount if you are a new user which is a good thing for customers, especially those on a small budget. There are some additional, fairly cheap services that you can use with your essay services.


Coursework square doesn’t share too much about their writers so the information is scarce. However, further research has shown that the writers are mostly non-native English speakers, that they are not university graduates and most of them don’t live in the UK.


There are several reviews of this service on their website. Most of them are positive and praise the work that they do. But the reviews available on other websites are mainly negative and against this service, stating that most of the work was plagiarism or riddled with mistakes. This means that the essays are not so high quality and that you will not be happy with the results you get.


In summary, Coursework square is not such a good idea. They don’t offer much and what they offer doesn’t seem high quality enough to justify working with them. You would be better off with any other alternative, especially if you look into some of the top places on essay writing services rating lists.

Rating: 2.9

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