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dissertationhouse review


As there are so many essay writing services for UK students to choose from, some friends and I decided to provide a review of Dissertation House to help students find a legit service that they can trust and feel safe using. Hopefully, our reviews mean that other people can steer clear of paying for a scam.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 46%
Reviews: 43

About Dissertation House

dissertationhouse.co.uk review
This service advertises a live chat 24/7 on the website, however, this looked really robotic to me, and there was also a UK phone number to call. There’s an email address, too, and while they have social media profiles, they’re quite hidden and don’t appear to be very well maintained. It’s almost a year since their last Facebook post, so I’m not confident you’d get timely support, or a refund if you wanted one.

Ordering an Essay

You need to create a login and register for an account before you can make an order, which is pretty standard, however, you don’t need to submit any details until you’re ready to make an order. You can choose from almost a hundred subjects, and make your own topic, which makes me think they’re trying to do too much, instead of focus on a really good service.


This is pretty good value, for example, a 3000-word business paper with a 7-day deadline, at a premium quality, costs £163.10. Discount coupons and promos are also available, so you can get a good deal, but I kind of think that a paper this cheap is kind of doomed to be poor quality, as they don’t guarantee any specific grade when you hand your paper in.


Dissertation House states that all of their writers have a Master’s or PhD, which makes them seem like a really legit service. There’s no guarantee that the qualification is from a UK university, or in the field that they’re writing about though, as they’d need hundreds of staff to have someone qualified in every area.


There is a list of really short testimonials that don’t provide much info at all, and it’s very strange that these reviews have people’s names on when they promise to be 100% confidential. For that reason, I’m not sure I believe in these reviews, as very few students would want anyone to know what service they used.


I’m not sure I believe some of the claims and testimonials on this website, so I wouldn’t recommend it to other students who are looking for an essay writing service they can trust and rely on.

Rating: 2.3

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  1. never ever use this website biggest scam ever, they will take your money give you the work which has been done poorly and all copied and then when you ask for money back they give you nothing, i have spent a lot of money for a single documentation and now im left with no money. you have been warned.

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