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When it comes to essay writing, no student is quite willing to do it until it’s too late to create a good essay. There’s always something more interesting to do. However, essays also affect grades which means that you need to turn them in. Fortunately, there are essay writing services. Here’s a review for

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 62%
Reviews: 43

About Essay Writing Lab review
When you login to Essay writing lab, you can see that the web design is modern and that they are using some interesting graphics to illustrate their point. Their home page shows many different types of information and they have a chatbot that can help you with your needs.

Order process

The order process is a simple one. You start by entering the ordering page, after which you will fill out a form with all of the details of your essay. There are many different services that they offer, categorized in three main categories. However, there is no designated services page, so students have to learn about what’s available from the order form.


There is a pricing calculator you can use for figuring out the prices for your specific essay. There is also a pricing page that you can use to figure out what the prices are like in general and for other types of essays. In general, the prices vary depending on what you need, meaning that they can go very high for specific types of essays.


They don’t share a lot about their writers, as there is no designated section for that. They do claim that their writers are experts from UK, with college or university education. However, there are some claims and suspicions that the majority of their writers is not from the UK or with the amazing credentials that they claim.


Essaywritinglab doesn’t offer any information on samples or the quality of their work except a few testimonials which are mainly positive. The testimonials outside the website are not so positive.


There are many essay writing services out there but Essaywritinglab is not one of them. It doesn’t seem as a legit service and it doesn’t offer much in terms of quality as well as information. Students deserve better, so they should stick with some tried and tested services that can actually help.

Rating: 3.1

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