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Having looked into a few essay writing services, some of my friends and I decided to try out MHR Writer and review the service they offered. Their website looked professional, so we wanted to see if they really could be a legit business that it’s safe for students to trust.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 48%
Reviews: 40

About MHR Writer review
MHRWriter has sections on their website for a toll-free number, and a live chat option, so it’s clearly not a scam, and won’t just steal your money. However, it appears like the number and the live chat to just lead to robotic responses; it’s really difficult to talk to a human, which would make getting a refund tricky as there’s no real support.

Making an Order

The order form is easy to use, and you see the price straight away. You do need to provide login details and register for an account before your order goes through, but they don’t need too much personal information. After that, you just fill in details about the paper your want.


I couldn’t find a promo for the website, and there’s nowhere in the order form to use a discount coupon. If you’re in a rush and need a paper in 48 hours that can boost your GPA, you’ll order a guaranteed 1st class grade, rather than a 2:1. This cost £297.05, which is pretty expensive. It should be clear that a 3000 word paper in 48 hours wouldn’t be great quality. This was not worth the money and is actually a really bad deal.

MHR Writer’s Writers

This service promises that their writers all have Bachelors or PhDs in their subjects, but as they offer to write essays for a few hundred different topics, they’d need a massive staff for this to be true. I don’t think that writers know a lot about their subjects, and the essays are very generic.

Quality of Papers states that they provide amazing essays that are really high quality, but you have to just take their word for it. There are no samples, to check than an example of their work would be appropriate for your class, and while they say they have great reviews, you can’t actually see them check they’re real.


This was a really expensive paper, however, they offered to do it in such short time, that the quality suffered, so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. I don’t think you can trust them to produce a great paper.

Rating: 2.4

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