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When there are so many essay writing services out there, it’s hard to know what’s a scam and what’s legit. My friends decided to review some of the services out there, such as My Uni Essays so students have a better idea of who it’s safe to trust, and who isn’t.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 42%
Reviews: 55

About My Uni Essays review
When you first log into this website, it seems professional and they provide details like opening hours and a phone number. However, it’s pretty strange that they don’t have an email address in case you have any queries. They have links for Twitter and Facebook, but when I checked it’s five years since they posted anything – so I doubt you’ll get much support for complaints, questions, or requests for a refund.

Ordering a Paper from MyUniEssays

The order form is pretty straightforward; you select your subject, word count, and the grade you want from drop down boxes. You can also pick a deadline, however, there are limited offers, and they jump from a five-day turnaround to a ten-day turnaround, where most websites will offer a week, which is normally realistic, and a fair price. Having to choose a five-day turnaround hike up prices. You create login details and register for an account as you order.


My Uni Essays is very expensive, and there’s nowhere on the order form to type in a promo or discount coupon code. A 3000-word History paper would cost £305.37, and that’s for a 2:1 in 5 days. If you wanted a 1st class result in three days, this would increase to £616.59 – which is crazy expensive.

Writers says that they only hire writers who have excelled in the fields they write about, however, there are no exact qualifications provided, such as a promise that they have a Master’s or PhD in their subject. Plus, the same page of the website states that this service offers the best prices, which is blatantly not true, so I don’t trust this part either.


For this price, I’d like to see an example of writing, but there were none available, and there were no testimonials either. You’d just have to trust that they provide high-quality essays, as they have nothing at all to back up this claim.


This is not a website I would feel confident in using, so I’d advise other students to avoid it too. I think you should be able to see social media engagement, testimonials, and a guarantee of the quality of your writers, plus this is outrageously expensive compared to other options, and you can definitely find a better deal elsewhere.

Rating: 2.1

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