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Who doesn’t like to get some help in their school obligations? Whether in high school or in university, students love essay writing services because they help them catch up to what they need to do without harming their grades. But there are many services out there and students need to know that they can trust them. Here’s a review for

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 62%
Reviews: 48

About Nerdy Writers review
Nerdywriters has a somewhat modern website which offers a lot of information on the home page. They are quick to deliver the good testimonials from their customers as well as show the ways you can reach them. But the information they provide doesn’t come with substantial proof. Their biggest claim is that they offer reasonable prices for premium quality of essays.

Order process

To order an essay from Nerdywriters, you will have to click on the button on their home page. From there, you will reach a specific page where you should fill out a form with all of the necessary details of your essay. Then, you can proceed to the next page which allows you to enter your service level and finally your contact information. They offer three main areas of service you can choose from.


Nerdy writers has three tiers of pricing, starting from the standard tier to the platinum one, referring most likely to the level of quality you get. Of course, the standard prices are the lowest. While they might be the lowest for this website, they are certainly slightly higher than the industry average. There are some lifetime discounts and deals to check out as well.

Writers offers some information on their writers. They claim that there are 87 writers in their team and that they are the professionals with diplomas in some of the most popular areas of expertise. They showcase their leading team members and managers of each area as well. However, further research doesn’t show any information on these people.


This website doesn’t offer any samples on their website that can be examined and assessed. They offer a few testimonials which are mainly positive and full of praise for them. However, external reviews don’t support this and most commonly claim bad things about this site.


There are some great essay writing services out there, but this one is not one of them. It doesn’t provide accurate, fresh or timely help for students, it hides most of the information about itself and it just seems to be a scam. Students should go for services that provide actual help and that can improve their grades.

Rating: 3.1

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