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okessay review

When you are a student, schedules can seem scary to you. There is so much to be done and so little time. Especially so if you have some essays to write but you know that they are going to take away a ton of your time. That’s what essay writing services are for. Here’s a review for Okessay.co.uk.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 60%
Reviews: 51

About OK Essay

okessay.co.uk review
Okessay is a modern website which offers plenty of information you might initially need. It offers a great amount of subjects and types of essays that you can choose from. There is a live chat which can be useful. There are many different deadlines that you can choose from.

Order process

The order process is a simple one. First, you find the order page that will contain the forms that will allow you to submit your order. Then you can move on to filling out the forms, both the personal one and the one related to your essay specifically. Finally, you can submit these forms along with your payment and then wait for your file to arrive.


The prices here are quite high, much higher than any student can actually pay, which can be a problem for them. There is a space where you can enter a discount to reduce the price, but there are no discounts, coupon codes or similar things. Since the service is really expensive, the discounts would also have to be high.


Okessay doesn’t make too many mentions of the writers that work for them but they do state that the writers are native English speakers. This can be a problem because it means that they will not understand what the UK students need in order to get a good grade.


The quality is often judged by the samples and reviews from customers. Since there are no samples, the reviews have to do. The ones on the website are positive as expected. But the reviews which were found on sites other than Okessays were not so positive and most customers claim that their service is bad.


There are some really good essay writing services out there, but Ok essay is just not one of them. From what we’ve seen, the essays they produce are of poor quality, writers are not so good and definitely not experts and support team is not very good either. According to all of this, you are better off looking for some alternatives.

Rating: 3.0

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