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Struggling with deadlines is a part of the student’s life. It makes it hard for them to catch up,especially if they have tests, exams and different obligations in their school. However, essay writing services are there to help with their expert knowledge and experience. This is a review which will help you see whether is legit or not.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 54%
Reviews: 44

About Papers Lounge review
Papers lounge seems to be a modern and professional website with an emphasis on technical papers. They have a live chat and many different promised features which make it easier for people to understand this service and what it has to offer. The navigation is also simple and straightforward.

Order process

The ordering process on Paperslounge is a simple one, with no big things that people would struggle with. There’s a form that you will get to fill out with all of your paper’s details and then you will have to complete the payment for your paper and then finally, wait for your paper to arrive.


There is no price calculator on this website which means that you will need to send a request on live chat to get a quote. However, this is not simple if you just want to see the prices and move on. There is a coupon code and discount when you login but you will have to enter your details to receive it.


The problem here is that there is not enough information about writers except that they are native UK citizens with university education and expert knowledge on the subjects that they offer as their services. However, further research shows that most of them are not native English speakers.


Papers lounge features many positive reviews on their website. However, looking at other sites and customer reviews reveals that they are not really that great and that they have tricked many people with poor quality of their essays which is definitely not a positive.


In essence, working with Paperslounge is not a good idea. They have many issues which can create issues for students. There is an obvious lack of information and transparency, the prices are not something people would be comfortable with and in general, there are some troubling elements. As a student, the best you can do is look for a good alternative that has already been tried and tested many times.

Rating: 2.7

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