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It’s hard to know which essay writing services it’s safe to trust, and which aren’t. Some friends and I decided to analyse some services, so students can avoid a scam wherever possible, and make sure they only pay legit websites to help with their university work. This review is for Perfect Writer.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 40%
Reviews: 47

About Perfect Writer review
When you log in to this website, you’ll see a UK phone number and a live chat window, which makes it seem like support is available. However, the mouse turns into a pen, which seems like something that would have been cool in 1999, and makes the website look dated and unprofessional, and there’s a notable absence of social media tags, so it’s impossible to see how they engage with their customers.

Ordering with

The graphics on the ordering page are really old and pixelated, and the page itself takes forever to load. Considering I just wanted to select options from a drop-down box, the options took forever to load. That’s enough to make me not want to register for an account. They ask general questions about your topic and word count, but it’s a frustrating experience.


If you want to get an estimate before you fill in all of the details for an order, then you can check the price plan page. I couldn’t see any discount coupons or promos here, so you’ll likely have to pay full price for your paper, but one problem was that this page was as slow as the ordering page – it took forever to get a quote.


Perfect Writer says that all of their writers are native English speakers, which is reassuring, but other than that everything is very vague. There’s no indication that the writers have reached any level of education and no explanation of how they have enough writers to cover hundreds of different topics. When these facts are so vague, it’s hard to really tell what kind of deal you’ll get, or how you’d handle a complaint or a refund, when they haven’t specifically promised any standard.


Samples are available so you can see an example of the kind of work you’ll receive, and there is a 4.96-star rating from about 4000 people, but they haven’t indicated how or where these 4000 people left reviews. Like most of the website, this looks dated.


This website looks more like a scam than most. It’s very old-fashioned and unprofessional, and the ordering process is frustrating. If you can’t simply order on the website, there isn’t much confidence in getting someone to successfully write a high quality and complex paper.

Rating: 2.0

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