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qualifiedwriters review

Being a student means having a busy schedule and working hard. However, it’s the last time in your life when you are free to have fun and enjoy your life. So, giving some of that work away to someone else and freeing up your schedule a bit is not such a bad idea. That’s why essay writing services are here. This is a review for Qualifiedwriters.co.uk.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 60%
Reviews: 43

About Qualified Writers

qualifiedwriters.co.uk review
The front page of the Qualified writers service website is busy but modern and stylish, meaning that people can easily find their way around. It looks warm and welcoming, especially with the live chat option which greets customers as soon as they enter the website.

Order process

The ordering process is one that customers are familiar with and it’s not overly complicated. The process begins with the customer entering their information in the form, then entering the information about their essays into the form and finally, paying for the service. Net, you can just track and wait your essay.


The prices with these service are on the higher side, especially since there is no discount. This can be a big problem for most students because they usually don’t have huge amounts of money to spend and the lower the price the better it is for most people.


Qualifiedwriters is not a website that offers too much information about the writers. What they do say is that their writers are native speakers, mostly from UK and graduates from some of the best universities. However, the trouble is that further research found that the writers are mostly not native speakers without degrees to show.


The quality can be seen through the samples or the customer reviews. However, since there are no samples available on the website of Qualifiedwriters, the reviews were the sign of quality. On the site itself, these reviews are largely positive. But the reviews on third party websites were more mixed to negative which means that users were not happy.


While Qualified writers immediately promises a group of experts, we haven’t quite got that from the reviews of this service. It appears that there are some problems there and that their writers are not that good. So, you might want to stay away from this one and look for good and legit alternatives that can actually help you with your grades.

Rating: 3.0

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