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writingpeak review

When on a tight deadline, it can be difficult to catch up with all of your work, especially as a student with thousands of obligations. This is why essay writing services exist, as a way to help students with a part of their work, especially the long and time consuming one such as essays. Here is a review of one of the essay writing services called WritingPeak.co.uk.

In Comparison

Customers Satisfaction: 93%
Reviews: 135


Customers Satisfaction: 68%
Reviews: 53

About Writing Peak

writingpeak.co.uk review
When you first look at this website, it comes off as really professional, with a strong, modern design and plenty of features that make it interesting. It also offers up a bold promise that their approach is highly focused on research and facts which is what student usually need and want from essay writing services.

Order process

The order process is very simple. All you have to do is fill out a form which will ask you plenty of questions about your needs when it comes to your essays and about yourself so that they can do the job properly. Once you submit your payment as well, the writers can start working on your essay.


The prices with Writing Peak are average in general, with the possibility of them being a lot lower with the discount that they offer. So, students can generally afford this service, but the quality of this is in question and then whether the students can get a good grade with the service they deliver.


This company claims to have a large number of writers, which means that they can keep up with the pace of writing. However, these writers are not very well educated and there’s an issue with where they are from since they are not from the UK and they are not native speakers. They also may not understand what UK students need.


As mentioned, writers are mostly not native English speakers which opens the window for plenty of mistakes to sneak in. The other issue might be that most of the users are not that happy with what they have received and they often state that their essays were full of mistakes and looked plagiarized.


Essays are such a crucial part of your education that you just can’t leave them to mediocre services. Writing Peak offers work that is not so good and definitely not so professional, as several reviews online mention. So, you should move on and look for a proper service that can help you with your grades.

Rating: 3.4

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